Hong Kong Fast Facts



- Population: approximately 7 million
- Official languages: Chinese and English
- Time Zone: GMT +8 
- World's 13th largest trading economy
- World's freest economy (as named by the Heritage Foundation)
- 3rd largest stock market in Asia
- 2nd largest source and recipient of FDI in Asia
- Asia's largest venture capital centre
- Per capita GDP of about US$30,000
- Low tax rates: 15% salaries tax, 16.5% profits tax
- No VAT, sales tax, or capital gains tax
- World's busiest airport for international cargo
- One of the world's busiest container ports
- Stable and convertible currency linked to US$


 China Connections

- Robust and transparent legal system
- Free trade, free market and free media
- Highly-educated workforce and entrepreneurial culture
- Level-playing field for local and international companies
- World-class communications technology and infrastructure
- Convenient, safe and cosmopolitan city
- Unrivalled experience in doing business with China
- Largest source of foreign investment in China - 40% of China's total in 2008
- Preferential access to China market via Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)
- Extensive rail, road and sea and air links
- China's key offshore capital-raising centre


Above data provided by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.