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Top 10 essential Hong Kong/China/Asia Newslinks

South China Morning Post Latest Hong Kong China and world news.
Hong Kong Daily The Hong Kong Daily online carries daily news on the SAR and on China
Asia Times Online Asia Times carries in depth stories on current affairs, with focus on Hong Kong and China
Hong Kong News Search Google News on Hong Kong
China Business Post/ China Business Post online, very much focused on China and with news mostly on technology, trade, finance and energy.
Asian Pacific Post "Local" news source with stories on Hong Kong and China, the Asian Pacific Post. Award winning independent news.
Asiasource Asiasource carries mainly newspaper stories from all around Asia, with lots of content on Hong Kong and China
Guangzhou Post China news from the Guangzhou Post, with a mainland perspective and lots of Hong Kong-related stories.
Financial Times Financial Times on China and Hong Kong
The Standard The Standard, one of the best sources on China business news
News Now China News Now China, late breaking news, focused on China

(Recommended by Mr. Markus Gaertner of GAPA News, a member of HKCBA)

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